Sunday, March 15, 2009


Excuse the hyperbole, my friends. This is one of the few more serious threats I've seen. You may have seen me sending alarmist rants before. Most of them are jokes or half-jokes -- you know I'm not a worrier. This is not.

I must be among the last living persons hearing about this, because if you search for "lock bumping" on YouTube you'll find tons of tutorial on how to make a few bump keys that enable you to open all tumbler locks in the world -- the only variations are: number of pins and length/width of the key shaft.

If you didn't know, please, do yourself a favor and learn what the whole world already knows, including the no-good teenage brat down the street. What if he sneaks in your house with a $1 key? What if he has already?

And the below piece of news really cracks me up. Near the end the anchor said, with a straight face, that "a few people wrote to us worried that criminals may learn how to do it from our program but you'll notice that we didn't show that." You sneaky, clever devil you.

Now I have to believe it. The government and media really consider the public to be that stupid. Can't blame them, though, because we are that stupid.

Why are we still selling and buying those locks?

In case you have any doubt, here's a 5 y.o. girl demonstrating.

Of course, if you google "anti-bumping locks" you'll see loads of'em promising to protect your honor. Before you decide to buy a chastity belt, search for "anti-bumping locks" on YouTube and watch how they crack them open like cheap whores.

Unfortunately, I haven't found any effective solutions, nothing except the trusty ol' shotgun.


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